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Bioregional Summer Program

Bioregional education all summer long. Join us for great cycling field trips including cycling skills, beach trips, nature exploration, and more! Study science and nature all summer through fun child-directed activities. Kids will be learning all summer and not even know it!

The Program



Our programs run within a licensed childcare facility.

We offer a fun, yet educational porgram.

Our programs provide time for exploration and personal choice.

Childcare subsidy may cover the costs of the program if you qualify.

We involve children in natural learning in natural spaces.

Cycling Field Trips

Twice each week during the summer we get on our bicycles and take our cycling school bus to a variety of places around the Victoria area. Cycling is an important part of the bioregional focus of our program. We use cycling as a sustainable way of exploring our local home.

Some Common Field Trips

If you are new to our program please see Important Information section for information about our cycling program.

Cycling School Bus Article

From Cycle Therapy, April 2000 (PDF)newsletter of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition.

Cycling School Bus
This summer, students will travel in style to explore their home place by bike. Many people have already noticed Oak and Orca's "cycling school bus" which is becoming a common sight in the Victoria community.

Composed of a long train of bicycles, trailers and trail-a-bikes, the "bus" is setting the pace for advocates of cycling as a means of practical transportation. Program instructor John Topham explains, "the cycling school bus teaches children that cycling is a practical and fun way to get around the city." The cycling school bus program emphasizes safe riding skills, bicycle maintenance and the planning of low traffic routes through the city. "We are hoping that our school bus will influence others to cycle more often," says Oak and Orca instructor Kara Woodcock. The cycling school bus is proving to the Victoria community that cycling is viable even with groups of children. "Our children are inheriting an ecological mess; it is up to us to show them that motor vehicles can be replaced with low impact forms of transportation," explains Woodcock.

Oak and Orca is a project of the Bioregional Education Association, which has a mission of empowering children to bring about social change towards more fulfilling and sustainable communities. The association runs bioregional elementary school, out-of-school care and summer programs for children. A few spaces are still available in the Summer Bioregional Children's Program, the full time day program which will be using the cycling school bus this summer. In addition to learning cycling skills, students of the program will be exploring sites of local and natural interest and getting into practical hands-on projects such as gardening, pottery and cob construction.

For more information, call 383-6609.

"Riding the cycling school bus."

Photo by Jenni Woodcock

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