Oak and Orca School Location

The School is accessible by bike, bus, foot, and car.

The School is accessible by a number of means. For cyclists, we have bike parking directly in front of the school building. We are also easily accessible by bus. Bus routes #24 and #25 have a stop at the corner of Cook and Higgins, right next to the school, and bus route #4 has a stop on Hillside between Higgins and Cook. There is also motor vehicle parking available on Higgins street. We ask drivers to refrain from idling in the parking area.

Located at 2738 Higgins St., the school is near the corner of Cook and Hillside. Higgins is a one-block street with a baseball field on the west side of the road.

The small school house is located north of this field, at the top of the hill. The main building is green with reddish brown trim. Through the main yard of the green building there is a path to our second building which is white and houses the Pre-primary School.