Your Support

Ways to Support our Programs:

Oak and Orca Bioregional School is always looking for support from the greater community. Our programs are run on the lowest budget possible so that we can benefit a diversity of people. We are determined not to become an elitist organization, and wish to be able to accept children from all backgrounds into our programs regardless of family income. There are several ways you can support our organization and programs.

  1. Make a monetary donation to the Bioregional Education Association and Oak and Orca.
    Donations are most easily received through our CanadaHelps donation form. CanadaHelps is an organization which supports Canadian Charities in fundraising efforts and which provides tax-receipts for all donations made using this form. The Bioregional Education Association which operates Oak and Orca Schools is a registered Canadian Charity (BN 895298727RR0001). Click here to view our Canada Helps Profile. If you would like to make a donation and are not able to use the CanadaHelps donation form for any reason, please email us.
  2. Give an in-kind donation.
    A donation of items that can be used by the school are very much of benefit. We currently need student books, bioregional or environmental books/magazines, new or gently-used school supplies, educational equipment, fruit trees, and microscopes, among other things. If you have something you believe could be of use to our school, please email us. Please understand if we aren't able to accept something you wish to donate - we must ensure that we have space to accommodate donated items as well as a way to use and care for them.
  3. Volunteer.
    The children and teachers at Oak and Orca enjoy having helpers in the classroom. If you would enjoy working with children and don't mind a criminal record check, this could be an opportunity for you to share your skills and perhaps learn about bioregional education and how an open learning environment works. We also have Community Investigation Days during for which we seek out folks in the community to share a half-day or full-day workshop with a group of students. Please note that volunteers must be willing to support our processes and values around education and we can only take a limited number of volunteers at a time.

Some of the programs you can support with a donation of money, a gift in-kind, or as a volunteer are:

  • the operational costs and work of running the Oak and Orca school
  • scholarships for low-income families to attend the school or summer programs
  • bioregional summer programming for children from any school in the Victoria area
  • the wages of teachers with a bioregional life-style (currently wages are very low)
  • public access to a bioregional library, educational resources and an international development library (from VIDEA)
  • pesticide-free native and edible gardens

We thank you for considering supporting this worthy cause.