High School Distributed Learning

Inquiry at Home

A New Program, Yet Tried and True

Oak and Orca's DL High School program extends our child-led DL K-9 program and builds on the foundation laid by our tried-and-true, brick-and-mortar high school program in Victoria focusing on student led learning, inquiry, and individualized programs.

Students in grades 10 through 12 pursue their interests by designing learning experiences and inquiry projects together with a mentor. Mentors help students to design assignments to fulfil the ministry learning standards required to complete high school courses. These individualized plans of study adjust to students' academic goals while encouraging them to explore their interests and passions.

A high school student and teacher thinking about chemistry inquiry

Inquiry Learning At Home

Through Inquiry, Students Work with a Mentor To:
~ Determine what they need to learn ~
~ Identify resources & how best to use them ~
~ Report their learning & create a portfolio ~
~ Assess their progress towards their goals ~

What do you want to learn?

A Mentor Supports Along the Way

Each student has a mentor to help them create and implement a plan. Students may also work with one or more subject specialist teacher whose expertise aligns with aspects of their course plan.

Your Mentor will help you to create an inquiry plan and find the resources you need. Regular communication with your Mentor will ensure you are getting what you need from the school. Subject specialist teachers are also available to help.

Student Choice is Highlighted

Students can choose inquiry-based explorations and projects with topics drawn from their interests. This rich learning is interdisciplinary, flexible, and innate - naturally preparing students for the real world.

For some course goals, students may choose to complete tasks from Oak and Orca's online modules. Tasks are chosen based on what a student needs to learn, eliminating busy work and repetition.

Most students will create an individual plan that combines both student led projects and online tasks. The choice is theirs!

Portfolio Assessment

Over time students add to a portfolio of work for each of their courses. Both during a course and at completion, assessment and grading of this portfolio is done through a collaborative process by teacher and student.

More Information

For more information about this program and to find out if it is right for you, please contact the school.