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There is no waitlist at this time for Hands-On Home-Learning, Oak and Orca's home-learning program, including Special Education. For blended programs and on-site learning, an application is required to get on our waitlists. The Forest School blended program is new for 2016-17 and currently has a few spaces. Please note that our waitlists for most age groups on-site are longer than we would like.

"Apply to Learn On-Site" for full-time as well as part-time blended learning at the school. While a tour is not required to apply for our waitlist, we ask that you take a tour of the school as soon as possible to ensure that the school is a good fit for your family and that you do indeed want to be on our waitlist for on-site programs. You must have a tour before we can offer your child a space at our school.

Please note if we have space for you in blended learning you will need to enrol in home learning with us as well. You may also enrol in home learning while on the waitlist for any of our programs.