Work at Oak and Orca

Collaborative teaching, consensus decision-making, and a child-centred environment make working at Oak and Orca is a unique experience. If you are up for a challenge, enjoy working as a team, and are interested in a diversity of teaching experiences, this could be a fit for you. Your job will be complex - teaching both home-learners at a distance and students on-site in a fast-paced, opportunity-filled school. You might teach what you're passionate about to small groups in the morning and support home-learning families one-on-one in the afternoon, for example.

Application Process

Potential applicants are welcome to send a resume and completed application form to the school by mail, fax or in person, OR if by email all documents MUST be in pdf format. The ideal candidate will be familiar with our programs and educational philosophies. Ideally, this involves spending time at the school before the interview process. Please call (250) 383-6609 and request a tour after you have read all of our web-based information.

Position Details

Teaching music at the beach BC Certified Teacher - position available in Victoria, BC.

Term: Most positions are permanent with a four month probationary period. Positions to cover a leave are non-permanent and are for the term of that leave. Temporary positions may also be available from time to time.

Full-time Salary: $2,700 per month plus 5% in lieu of benefits ($2,835 gross monthly).

Benefits: 5% is paid in lieu of benefits. Yearly BC College of Teachers fees are paid by the school.

Time off: Three weeks during the school year at specified times in Winter and Spring. Certified Teachers have a five week non-teaching period in the summer. Further time-off can be negotiated as unpaid. Non-certified staff have one week paid holiday in the summer, plus unpaid time if desired.

We work more like a non-profit than a school. All staff take some responsibility for all programs including After and Before School Care, Regular School, Home-Learning, Fundraising, Community Projects, Field Trips, etc.

As with many other non-profits, we are unable to provide the types of wages and benefits we would like to. Non-financial benefits include a cooperative teaching environment , supportive environment, and opportunities to learn unique ways of educating. That said, we are working together to raise the wages and increase our capacity. You can help increase the wages by promoting our home-learning program which supports a higher wage level.

Positions Available

a teacher at Oak and Orca School get's down to the child's height We are accepting applications for the following positions (although not all positions will be filled.) We are looking for the best fit for our team, no matter what position is applied for.

Certified Teacher (on-site and home-learning)
Please see the attached DL Teacher job description for details.

Special Ed Teacher (on-site and home-learning)
Please see the attached Special Needs Teacher job description for details.

Early Childhood Educator (pre-primary nature school)
Please see the attached ECE Teacher job description for details.

Special Education Assistant
Please see the attached Special Needs Assistant job description for details.

General Job Description

Oak and Orca Staff work as a team to provide a child-centred education to students age 3 through 18 learning at home or at our small school in Victoria.

While working within a team to create a positive environment for all children, staff work together to create and maintain Open Classroom environments designed for specific age groups. a teacher reflects on a student's growth at an Oak and Orca School graduation ceremony

All staff offer Workshops to groups of children of various ages in certain areas. Staff must be open and willing to work with a variety of ages of children in a variety of subject areas.

Teachers additionally support a group of children learning at home through the distributed learning program. This is a family-directed program for children up to grade 9 and a high school program promoting inquiry learning at home. Curriculum development is an ongoing project to support these families.

Key responsibilities include supporting students learning both at home and at school to learn through projects and inquiry, learning centres and child-led/hands-on activities, helping to create a variety of choice-prepped learning environments.

Staff also support multi-age math groups covering at least 2 grades of math curriculum, by creating and supporting math choices based on a hands-on, manipulative based, problem solving approach.

Some staff are responsible to plan and support the weekly field trips. These trips may include children of various ages (3-18) and are often by bicycle. Multi-age groups are also supported at the school on field trip days, and some staff will have responsibilities for these students.

Assessment and reporting responsibilities are present for all areas of responsibility and all groups of students. Staff conference with students and home-learning families to support them in working towards a well-rounded, appropriately challenging, individualized learning program.

The Job

All teachers work in the home-learning program to a large degree. This involves working with families to support their home-learning progress from a distance. Additionally, staff work cooperatively in teams to deliver child-directed programming and to create positive learning opportunities for children on-site aged 3-18.

A positive environment involves creating and continuing to provide a supportive, safe learning space that includes learning stations and help-yourself materials that can be used by the children as they choose to do so, as well as flexible child-led routines.

The candidate must be prepared to cope with the demands of meeting children's needs for autonomy and choice as well as group needs for routine and organization. Compassionate communication must be used with the children.

In addition, all staff at Oak and Orca are expected to role model a bioregional lifestyle including ecological and social responsibility. In keeping with these philosophies, all staff are expected to bike/bus/walk to work. Personal motor vehicles are not an option. Staff are also required to observe the Bioregional Education Association constitution, bylaws and policies.

Application Process

A teacher takes students canoeing at the Oak and Orca School end-of-year field-trip and potluck at Telegraph Cove

  1. Read all sections of our website to gain familiarity with alternative teaching practices and structure. Also review compassionate communication. (see Marshall Rosenburg's 'Non-Violent Communication.')
  2. Submit Teacher Application Form with resume (cover letter optional, but useful) to:
    Personnel Committee
    2738 Higgins Street
    Victoria, BC V8T 3N1
    FAX: 1-877-544-3427
  3. Short listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.
  4. The interview questions are posted here. Your interview may involve these and other related questions. Candidates will be expected to come fully prepared, with a good understanding of teaching, learning and family participation at the school. It is highly recommended that you fully research all links on our website, to prepare for this interview.
  5. Interviews will be held in two parts:
    Part I: 45 min Interview. Candidates may be held to the 45 minutes, including response to prepared questions and the ensuing conversation, due to a tight interview schedule.
    Part II: 45 min session with a small group of children. Candidates may be required to prepare and implement an activity for a multiage group.
  6. References will be contacted prior to a position being offered.
monarch butterfly drawn by an Oak and Orca School teacher Important:
* If applying by email you MUST use a PDF format

Thank you for your interest in Oak and Orca!